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How do I start planning my own finances?

If you want to start at the beginning, learn what God thinks about finances, and build your own goals and budgets, then you should download this workbook. Inside you'll find verses, wisdom, debt reduction worksheets, budget worksheets, spending guides, and all kinds of useful information for working through your finances. This also contains the homework for the Personal Finance Seminar. You'll need Microsoft Excel to run it and be sure to enable Macros when prompted

How much should I be spending?

The % Guides indicate how much a typical single, married couple, or family will spend on each category. This is helpful for evaluating your own personal budget from your income. Are you concerned about spending too much or too little on a certain expense category? Consult the % Guide for your situation and adjust accordingly.

Are there any available resources for coming up with a debt plan?

The Debt Liquidation Schedule will help you plot out which debts you have, and how long they will take to pay off. This can be a useful tool for gaining a realistic picture of the time frame involved in being debt free. (If you're not familiar with excel, you may want to come in and get some help with this.)

Are there any class materials I can look to for more info?

We have two classes offered right now to help you with deeper study into your finance. Both of these classes provide the biblical foundations as well as the practical applications of getting your finances into a place where God can use them more effectively. Keep your eyes peeled for more classes coming including Estate Planning, Managing Inheritance, and Personal Finance for College Students.